Closet Negotiation, pt 2

“You’re thinking about that new girl, aren’t you? Oh yes, I know you two are good friends. She doesn’t have to know; what she doesn’t know can’t hurt her, now can it?”

“But what if she found out?”

“What’s it to you? You’re a loner by nature, I can tell. You don’t need people, especially females, to be happy. All other people do is judge you, dispise you, insult you, desert you. Why do you need that? People turn their backs on you, why shouldn’t you return the favor?”

Patrick thought about it some more. If he took this opportunity, it would give him something to do. What could go wrong?

“Alright, I’m in.”

“Good, good,” said the stranger, an eerie grin spreading across his face. “I already have a job for you. I’ll give you the specifics tomorrow.”

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