Investigation, part 1

“Is there a problem?â€? he asked, imitating nervousness, coming in slowly.

“Possibly,â€? the principal answered. “Have a seat,â€? he continued, gesturing to the chair in front of his desk. Patrick took it. “You are, I assume, familiar with the incident discovered this morning?â€?

Patrick shrugged. “How could I not? Everyone in the school saw it.â€?

“Then you noticed that the tool used to do the deed was left at the scene? Covered with fingerprints?â€? the principal asked, cocking an eyebrow suspiciously. He was hoping to catch this troublemaker in the act. But Patrick showed no signs of cracking. He looked… what would you call it? Certainly not nervous, or terrified, or about to confess. Of all things, he looked calm and serene. Almost too serene. “Patrick, we have hired a professional investigator, and is taking fingerprints of all of students.â€?

Patrick looked exasperated. “Is that why I’m down here? To get my fingers all inky?â€?

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