Rummaging Around

“Sofia?” Jaden looked up at the pearl studded sky, the last of the sun was fading again. In the last light, a dark shape moved up between the clouds.

Sofia glanced up, distracted by the bustling crowds and the fruit she had just hidden in her pocket. “Don’t know, Jaden… Here, help me.”

He rustled around the basket, not even needing to pay attention anymore. He was so quick and agile, and was taught so well by the seemingly quiet Sofia, that stealing wasn’t a problem anymore. He slipped the loaf of bread down near the bottom folds of his cloak, and glanced back up towards the sky.

The shape was growing larger, and Jaden could almost make out wings. Perhaps a predator. No matter. He and Sofia were headed back to their cottage tonight. Their market run was through. They had enough to suffice until the next moon.

Sofia parted through the crowded streets, Jaden following her closely.

The shape swooped, long and low… and then it was pointing downwards, coming fast and dangerously.

Right at Jaden.

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