Church, pt 2

Sarah pushed open the large oak door to the church; it echoed eerily throughout the sanctuary. The term “sanctuary” seemed to be an oxymoron in this context. Patrick felt a sizeable lump rise into his throat.
“Wow,” she exclaimed, her voice bouncing off the cobweb-strewn walls. “I can’t believe this is real!”
“I can’t believe it either,” a voice from behind the pair called. They whirled around to see Carter, standing in front of where an altar would’ve stood, flanked by Dylan and two large brutes. Sarah nearly collapsed from surprise. “You’re surprised to see me again, eh Sarah?” he asked her, coming down the steps & up the aisle at a brisk pace, the two guards two steps ahead of him. “It’s a small world, isn’t it? You didn’t think you could avoid me forever, now did you?” A wide malicious grin spread across his face. Sarah slowly tried to back up, eyes as wide as a frighten deer’s. But before she could turn to flee, the two guards seized her by her arms.

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