Church, pt 3

Carter couldn’t have been more delighted. “But, thanks to Patrick over there, you’ll ellude me no longer.”
Sarah was stunned. “Patrick? But he would never do such a thing!” She craned her neck to look at Patrick. “Would you?”
Carter laughed. “You’re smart, but you can be so nieve sometimes! He’s a loner by nature! He can never be true to a friend!”
Her eyes began to fill with tears. “You lied to me?” Patrick couldn’t bear to look at her.
“Well… you were going to blab about what I did!” he snapped.
Carter started laughing again. “Another gullible one! She couldn’t have found out, your tracks were too well covered. I just had to put the situation in the right light to get you to help.”
It was Patrick’s turn to be shocked. “So… so, YOU lied to me?!” he stuttered.
Carter chuckled. “Well, ‘lie’ is such a harsh word…”
“I can’t believe you lied to me!” Patrick shouted at Carter.

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