The Main Man

The afternoon approached and the pair headed to the outside café area. They got their lunches and Holly followed Trey silently to his table of friends. Her girlfriends looked confused but when they saw Trey and Holly in Trey’s jacket, Holly could practically guess everything they were thinking. Luckily, they were wrong.

Once at the circular table, Holly sat down across from Trey. Next to her were Ben and another friend, Craig. Across from them on either sides of Trey were Pete and Spencer (the two other pigs).

She said hello to Ben and Craig then began eat. Ben was trying to talk to her about something and Craig was laughing while Trey had a silent conversation with the other guys.

As if on cue, Pete murmured. “Hey Holly, so how’s life with Trey? You took our main man away.â€?

“You can have him back.â€? She replied and Ben broke out into loud laughter. Then again, his reaction to anything Holly did or said was loud and embarrassing. He was just like a girl, nervous around his crush.

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