Church, pt 4/Grove

“I can’t believe YOU lied to ME!” Sarah shrieked. She would’ve said more, but Dylan swung a gag around her head and tied it tightly.
“Now that’s enough,” Carter called out, snapping his fingers. On cue, the two thugs dragged her along the back and up a set of stairs. Patrick couldn’t bear it any longer. He rushed out of the church, eyes glued to the pavement, hot tears stinging in his eyes. He sprinted across a nearby park, oblivious to the now pouring rain, towards a small grove of trees. As soon as he was behind a large maple, away from anyone who might see or hear him, he slid down the trunk to the dirt, and began to bawl.
How could he have done this to himself, let himself be made a complete fool?
But, more importantly, how could he have led Sarah into this? He was such a frickin idiot! Sarah was one of the only friends he had.
No, strike that; she WAS the only friend he had.
Now she probably hated him, like everyone else.

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