Revelation/Choir Loft, pt 1

“Oh God,” he thought aloud, with his head between his knees, “why can’t I do anything right? How can I make this right again?” Then, as if it was a sign from above, the rain stopped, & a shaft of sunlight came down onto him. He slowly brought his head up.
He didn’t know how he was going to do it, but he was going to rescue Sarah & do whatever it took to make it up to her.
Sarah shuddered to have Dylan touch her as he tied her to a post up in the old choir loft. She wanted to scream from disgust when Carter took off her gag.
“There,” he said in a faux sicky-sweet tone. “That’s better, right?” She turned away from him. “Now, that’s no way to act, is it? I mean, we haven’t seen each other since, oh, since I can remember!”
“It’s a wonder you can remember anything. You have a small head, but it’s too inflated with that macho ego of yours!” Sarah cried.
Carter took on a fake surprised look. “Well! That’s no way to talk, now is it?” he asked, turning to Dylan with a smirk.

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