Choir Loft, pt 5

Sarah sighed. Now that she was alone, she could collect her thoughts. She found herself bewildered, scared, but especially betrayed. She couldn’t believe she had trusted Patrick! What an idiot she was! But, maybe it wasn’t her fault; maybe Patrick just wasn’t able to change.
She leaned against the pole she was tied to and sighed against her gag.
Just then, she heard a door creak open, followed by quick footsteps. She froze. Then, without warning, a grappling hook shot into the air and grabbed onto the edge of the choir loft. Sarah’s eyes widened in surprise. A few seconds later, Patrick’s head popped up over the ledge. A grin spread across his face, and he said, “Miss me?”
Sarah wasn’t sure whether to be ecstatic or furious. He swung himself over the ledge and climbed the couple stairs up to her. He sighed with relief that she was okay. A little shaken-looking, and a nasty five-star on her left cheek, but at least alive! He threw his arms around her in an embrace.
“I’m so happy you’re safe!”

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