Father Figure

“No. Not that word, Spencer.â€? Holly said with a small laugh.

“Just skip that part then.â€? Ben offered.

“No, I can’t just skip it. Its rape. Okay? Rape. Trey raped me.â€?

This time neither of the guys said anything. They were just staring in shock at Holly. Suddenly, Bernard popped in.

“Hello.â€? He said sweetly. “I couldn’t … I couldn’t help but overhear.â€? His voice was friendly, controlled.

“Um, yes.â€? Ben said, still staring at Holly.

“Well, I’m glad you did.â€? Spencer told Bernard. “I was so lost.â€?

“Thanks for your help, boys.â€? Bernard gave them each a nod. “But I’d like to speak with Holly alone if you don’t mind.â€? His voice was still sickly sweet. “And get that boy back to his room if you can.â€? He added on before they left, “Go with him if you like.â€? The guys nodded before heading back to the lunch area.

“Sir.â€? Holly whispered, looking at the ground.

“Oh Holly.â€? He said sadly. He pulled her into a warm hug like any father figure would. And it was just what Holly needed.

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