Lace of winter's charm(Christmas Spirit Challenge

Finally, the day of new sprits and new hope has awakened.

The day insignificant wishes and dreams come true.
But here from down under, we don’t get the raining drops of cotton that layer the fields and lace themselves around everything like a thin film.
No, we get clear blue skies, &for us it means sun, shopping and surfing. Traditionally we have a succulent roast turkey and steamed pudding that arouses the tongue.
So if you stop by, you’ll see children are writing letters to Santa,little boys tugging on their mothers skirt to make them buy that gift or that chocolate. Everyone waits, the anticipation is high!

As you walk down the streets, the lights twinkle in your eyes.
Australians consider Christmas a time for remembering the true meaning of Christmas, time for giving and sharing, the meaning of a new delight when of how it feels to make a small child or and elderly that someone cares.

We don’t need a winter wonderland, this is just another chance to appreciate what you’ve been given.

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