Time for a Chat (residing dreams)

I jerked away from him, but immediately leaned closer again out of curiosity. “How can this be possible…?” I murmured under my breath. He grinned and laughed at me.

“Anything is possible, I guess. Least, thas’ what Pa says, anyways.”

I felt strangely at ease with this boy, even though he was a ghost. I wasn’t afraid of him. I reached out again to touch his arm, but when I did, I felt skin. I poked it, confused.

“Hey! Waddya think you’re doing, eh?” The voice was coming from Billy’s mouth, but it sounded more like an echo of his voice. Suddenly two arms came out of nowhere and shook me. I awoke suddenly staring up at a very real, very irritated Billy.

“You!” I gasped. “You’re real!”

Billy gave me a strange look and sat back down on the hay. I realized that I must have been dreaming. Billy smirked at me but said nothing.

“You’re not a ghost, then?” I asked again, and again he said nothing. It occurred to me then that it was very light in the room. It must be morning.

Time for a chat.

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