Trey was fuming when Holly walked into the room. He had been pacing back and forth but he stopped in the middle when she entered.

“I can’t believe you.â€? he hissed.

“Why? All I did was tell the truth.â€?

“What about our agreement? What about forgetting all about it?â€? he started to raise his voice then lowered it. He knew tons of people probably had their ears pressed against the closed off glass.

“I … I was in the moment. And I was pissed because you let Pete and Spencer make fun of me.â€?

“Damn it! They were just playing around.â€?

“Yeah but you didn’t stop them.â€?

“I didn’t think I needed to.â€?

“Don’t lie to me, Trey. You saw how angry I was. You shouldn’t have let the guys make fun of me when you knew I had tons of dirt on you.â€?

“I didn’t actually think you’d spill it. In front of everyone at lunch!â€? He ran his hands through his hair as she sat down on her bed slowly.

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