Warp Final

Demi was waiting outside, along with her parents, when we pulled up. Her parents wanted pictures of us dolled up, as they called it.
Afterward, walking to the car I said, “That’s a nice gown you’re wearing. It new?”
She laughed. “Actually I could say, ‘this old thiing’. It was the dress my mom wore to her senior prom. What’s old is new again.”
I was starting perspire. This was the exact gown as in my dream. I could feel my body tremble as I helped her into the backseat. Everyone exchanged hello’s and we were off.

As Denny nosed the old car into a lot filled with nearly new cars, I casually asked Demi, “Steven gonna be here tonight?”
Demi reared back and looked at me. “I thought you didn’t like Steven.”
“Sorry. He’s really not my favorite person, but I was just curious.” I leaned over, gave her a quick peck on the lips.
“No, Steven isn’t coming tonight. It’s the strangest thing, but Steven was here last night. He was on the track above the gym and the guardrail gave way, he fell; broke two ribs.

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