I Was Told To Protect You.

I gave the principal the cutest little puppy face I could muster. She looked at me, hard, then her face softened up a bit. “Yes, I guess she can, But only today.” she said extending her hand out, I think she wanted me to sniff it. I did, and licked it softly after that, as a thank you. “Thank you Mrs. Wimbernick!” Carly said, excited. She took me into the place that read girls bathroom, whatever that is. “Okay, whats going on with you?” she asked, probably not expecting an answer. But I gave her one anyways. “Your dad told me to protect you before he left with those guys last night.” She looked surprised for a second, but she cleared her throat and whispered, “What guys?” “The guys in black, they mentioned something about a project your dad was working on.” I answered. “My dad is a doctor, what could be so important that they had to take him away to get it?” She said, more to herself. She looked on the verge of tears. “So what is this place?”

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