Coming down is calming down(manwhore series)

Relax..what’s the worst that could happen…uh..she dies?
or worse ..she doesn’t get and A + on that project..Lark was a serious student, she never got nothing lower than an A+, or she would explode.

I made way straight to the bathroom, well no one here, this was the junior’s bathroom, so I tried Sophmore, I yelled out her name.

“Lark, you in here?â€? I said, as I left I heard 2 girls suddenly point at me and say, “Oh my gosh, that’s the girl that broke it off with Shane after only 2 days! What a freak!â€?

I was about to get away with think about Lark right last shot was the Freshman’s bathroom..stupid Sophmores…

I quickly ran to the Freshman’s bathroom tripping twice but still making way through…I had balance problems..doesn’t everybody?

I made and I creaked open the door, I heard someone gasp and then just start sobbing, I looked under the stalls and saw saw someone’s familar converse Hightops..Oh damn..

Lark… the same time..I mean…I—her…

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