Lefty loosie...

“What the Hell!” Chaka internally squealed when her left arm started disappearing.

“Keep Writing!” Elsha yelled, always encouraging, even in extremis, “Write your new wish!”

...but what to wish for…World peace? Cure for cancer, cure for AIDS ?

Judging from the debacle caused by the first spate of wishing , she thought not… What does the girl who wants for nothing wish for? Transformer boots!(With the switch out plates, google them , they are fan freaking tastic)

As she began to write out her wish her right hand would not form the letters correctly. She almost popped a blood vessel when she looked at them closely.

“Son of a…” she whistled. That ridiculous fairy magic had done the old switcheroo on her hands!

She put the pen in her left attached right hand and tried to write. The setup might make your eyes cross looking at it, but it seemed to work fine…

...a little twinkly glittery aura and our girl is standing four inches taller in her fabulous new boots!

It’s not like anybody looks at hands.

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