Behind the scenes of a created void(manwhore series)

I took a deep breathe and knocked on the stall in which she was present, I was still hoping that it was a “Lark Impersonator”

“ in there?” I asked

I heard the answer between sobs
“What do you want..leave me alone”

Yes, it was defenitely her.

“Lark, let me in, now! Or..or I’ll climb over the stall, or under…or kick it open, but then I’d owe the school money and…no the door..” I was getting more and more worried but the second.

There was complete silence.


I knew she’d kick me out if I came from under so I locked the bathroom door and entered the stall next to Lark’s.I got up on the toilet and lifted myself up to the other side and jumped right infront of Lark that she gasped.

“Crazy bitch…”she muttered.

Thats when I got a complete look at her. She alway kept herself so presentable and clean. ..Her eyeliner was smuged so it touched the top of her nose. There were tears everywhere, her hair in a mess.

She was clutching something in her hand

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