Michael carefully opened his hands and allowed forth a brilliant green flutter.

“Butterfly,â€? God breathed.

“Butterfly,â€? Michael repeated with awe.

God and the angel stared as the verdant butterfly took wing and began a circle around its strange new environment. The new wonders that Michael brought Home never ceased to amaze any of them.

As the eyes of God and Michael watched the butterfly’s convoluted patterns of flight, Gabriel swooped down and landed with a puff of clouds at his feet. His gaze, too, was riveted upon the fragile wings of the beautiful insect as it danced across the endless space, in its effortless aerial ballet.

“What is that?â€? wondered Gabriel aloud.

“Butterfly,â€? God and Michael said in unison.

“Butterfly,â€? Gabriel repeated, “It’s beautiful.â€?

They stared in silence a little while longer at the spectacle before Michael spoke again.

“I found it on an Earth. The place isn’t as beautiful as some of your others, but something miraculous is happening there…â€?

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