I desperately needed more rest, but I couldn’t bring myself to sleep. Karon opened the door to the car, and Theo carried me out again.

“Let me walk,â€? I said, and he set my feet on the asphalt.

I walked, a little unsteadily, into the hospital, behind Dr. Karon. The sliding doors opened for me, and there was a lot of commotion going on in the room it opened to.

My hands had the handcuffs on still. Theo, I noticed, didn’t have anything holding him back.

I envied him; all eyes were on the prisoner, walking into the jail.

A person walked up to us. “Hello Regan, Theodore. I’ll be walking you to your room.â€?

His voice was thick with an accent I’d never heard. We went into an elevator, up three floors, and stepped into a hallway.

The incessant beeping as we passed each room was agitating, but we soon reached our room, one that was completely silent.

“We’ll be ready at four, and we’ll come to get you then.â€? He went behind me and unlocked the handcuffs. “You should both get some rest.â€?

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