We are the or not? (manwhore series)

She sat down with the top part of the toilet down. Lark’s head sunk in her arms while part of her hair was sticking to her face like honey, the tears forcing the strands of her hair to cover her bloodshot eyes.

I tried to identify what was in her hand, because clearly, this was the cause of all her misery.

I knew asking her would only provoke her so I carefully slid it out of her hands, she didn’t seem to mind.

I guess the 11 years I’d known Lark finally got me some trust.

It was…oh my god..

It was a pregnancy test…

Wait, it was still safe though, she wouldn’t do that with Kieren, she’s like the most responsible person in the world… Maybe she was just crying because she lost it… her I guess..Im still a ..well you know..

Then I looked more closely, and the side was bright pink.

That’s not supposed to be it?

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