It all seemed like a joke, something you’d see in one of those old SciFi movies, a fake little story. How can you believe, after living fifteen years of your life without sight, that something like this was just there?

Something so outlandish as just trading eyes? Eyes?

My mind assumed one of us was going to die. If the… surgeon… did anything wrong, it would end up killing me. The thing they were doing was obviously dangerous, and a million things could go haywire during it.

If Theo died, I couldn’t, wouldn’t live. I wouldn’t get past the guilt. All because of me… it would happen because of me.


I snapped out of it. “Yeah?â€?

“What do you think they want us for… after?â€?

I detected the fear in his voice.

“I think they’ll take us back home. I mean, they can’t just kidnap us, now can they?â€?

We both knew it wasn’t true. They already had kidnapped us. I wondered about what Theo had asked. What were they planning to do?

There was no way to answer his question.

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