August Recalls the Letters

A sadness welled up from deep inside him, as he tried to unfold the muddle of paper. The letter had been his bible, his source of inspiration, his only touch with the world outside of Rusk Penitentiary.
The first letter had been from his younger brother, the second from his brother’s wife. he stared down at the sodden slush. He could see a couple of words of his brothers neatly printed hand. This letter was nearly two years old. It was the first thing given to him after his being released from the hole. It’s arrival couldn’t have been more welcome had it been from God Himself.
It seems his brother, Johnathan, had filed claim to a couple of sections of land in Kansas, near Dodge City. He had gone on to tell August that as executor of their fathers estate he was going to use the money for this investment, and August would be half owner when he was released from prison. Johnathan planned on raising sheep. August didn’t think much of sheep, but he loved his brother, and wished him well.

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