A Meeting in Whyttam - The Grand Duchy Hotel

Theodosia stepped lightly across the stone bridge, pausing momentarily to admire the sublime reflection of the heather in the stream, as she approached the Grand Duchy Hotel.

The building stood three windows tall by nine wide, as if the proud keeper of that wondrous stream which flowed before it. The stone walls of the Grand Duchy were covered with climbing ivy which crept across the panes of some of the windows, as if protecting the protector itself.

As she entered the hotel lounge, Theodosia took a cursory glance through the room before sitting at a small ash table. The wide, deep green leather chair seemed to envelope Theodosia much as the luscious ivy enveloped the Grand Duchy’s charming stone walls.

A vase of fresh tulips sat on the table, filling the small room with a wondrous aroma; a portrait of seven hunting dogs adorned the wall above the hearth.

Theodosia’s heart raced as Isaac Everdene entered the room.

“My darling, thank you so much for coming. There’s something I have to tell you.”

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