Random Question turns into New Challenge!

Hello everyone!

This isn’t exactly a story but I just thought of something and couldn’t think of a better place to seek an explanation than Ficlets. Ficleteers always come up with the coolest explanations and are quite helpful.

Well this may seem really silly to some of you but why do people say head over heels in love? Technically isn’t your head ALWAYS over your heals (unless you’re upside down of course)? I’ve been thinking about this and just can’t figure it out. I know there’s probably some really simple explanation for it but I can’t think of it.

If you guys could help me understand this I’d really appreciate it. Hmm… lets make this interesting. I’m gonna make a challenge out of this. Write a ficlet describing how this saying first came about or an interesting situation where it was used or anything that has to do with the saying head over heals.

lol well that was completely random, the wonders that occur while your writing a ficlet. No due date yet so just have fun and go crazy :)

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