Once Bitten

“We have some friends not far from here. They should be able to help us. But first, we need a car.” Mathieu walked to a pay-phone that he had found when he and Florence had gone “shopping”.

Amilie watched tentively, as Guillaume was put in the seat next to her. His head lay on her lap, and she could feel the burn of his forehead through her jeans.

The rental car was slow but efficient. In no time flat, they had reached a small ranch. “Stay here.” Mathieu looked from Florence to Amilie.
“Amilie? Is he okay? Do you want me to come back there with you?” Florence’s eyes were fearful. Mathieu appeared with a woman his age. “Delphine, can you help him?” Even Mathieu was afraid.
“Can’t I always help?” Her smile was thin as she gazed upon Guillaume’s face. “I will do all I can to help him. And more. I need to help my son…” Her voice trailed off as everyone looked at her in shock. “And Florence. My dear girl, we are united again.” Delphine reached for Florence’s hand.
“But, when were you bitten?”

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