A Tribute to Ficlets and why it SHOULDN'T Die

Thanks to all the INCONSIDERATE people that call themselves the ‘ficlet team’ ficlets is shuting down.

Ficlets is my life! I can vent and share my creativity with people!

It is like the people on here understand me. My friends that have never been on this site have no idea the impact this website is on our own lives!

I don’t know a life without ficlets. I can’t picture it. I don’t want to!

Why? Why are they closing the website?!

I love ficlets. I will stand and protest just to save this website. I will donate money. Anything! I love this site that much. I just can’t let it die!

Ficlets changed my life. I went from a person that hated writing because I wasn’t very good at it to a person that loves writing and gets As on everything that has to do with writing!

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