Secretly hoping

“Hey, got here as fast as I could!” Claire barged through my door.

“Hey” it came out muffled
“So..whats wrong…the date? What the hell did he do? I could kill him…or ..i could get someone to do ..see I know this …..”Claire droned on.

“Claire!” I finally shouted to break her fantasies of murder.


“It wasn’t was..Mc-” I went on

“Ahh! i knew those tramps..what did they say to you..stalkers..what..happend?”

“Sent me a text…calling me a ho.or a slut..i forgot..”

“Oh” Claire said..she had calmed down, but she said it like she was amused by it..”So, they wanna play dirty, we can do that too…”

“No, claire..its fine”

“Uh…Kira…Im trying to have fun..wouldn’t hurt to join in.” She smiled.

“Ugh, fine …whatcha got?” Secretly..I was hoping something really good..

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