Don't argue with a pregnant lady..okay?(manwhore series)

“Lark..?.......” I said

“ what?” Lark said back

“Lark? I thought it was gonna be safe?”

“I don’t know what happend..I just..we just..Kieren…oh my god! Please don’t tell him!” Lark begged me.

“What? Why not? It’s his baby too!” I can’t believe I just said that a loud..what if someone had head?

“Shhh!!!” Lark scolded.

“Sorry… know you have to tell him..right? He will not bail on you, and you should know that too! He deserves to know that his girlfriend is ..pregnant. I said the last part in a hushed tone.

“Peyton, don’t argue with a pregnant got me?” Lark threatened.

hormones are never good..

“So..are you going to keep said if this ever happend to you, you wouldn’t want to keep it because it probably would cost the know..would turn out deformed or something.” I had a hard time keeping still.

I crouched down to Lark’s eye level and lifted her chin up.

“Lark, you’re not alone, I’m here for you, thorugh thick and thin..”

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