FICBLOG: Sticking Together

I extend a hand to connect us all in a huge circle by posting this edition of the Ficblog.

In light of recent announcements, I’d like to open the comments space below for people to leave their blog addresses, other webpages they use, or any form of authoring contact (via the internet) that you can be located at after the ficlets closing date.

This is to continue the friendships we have made here. If you don’t want Ficlets visitors, don’t share your webpages.

Also, while pandemonium has broken loose, and petitions have been put forth,
as well as pleas to other sites having servers large enough to carry us, please remain calm. Back up your stuff, and get the IM contacts of your friends, and gripe on the Facebook group. (I write ficlets)

We have joined together under a banner of uplifting comments, constructive criticism, and friendship; nurturing a family of writers to better themselves. And I say, we should stick together.


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