From Tears To The Water Of Life

Tessa Sieneca LaRoug`e looks at me with those intense eyes and studies me, as if this were the first time she had seen anything human. I am human, right? I look down at myself to make sure. Yep. So I look back at Tessa and we just sit there for a moment, staring at each other in awe. Finally, Tessa smiles and her smile brightens the whole forest and I am bathed in sunlight. Then Tessa points to a path that leads through the forest and takes off in that direction. I glance at Him hesitantly. Then I remember Tessa’s smile and I follow her into the forest. He trails behind.
As I follow Tessa into the forest, I notice some things. I notice how there’s no twigs on the ground, only grass and flowers. I notice how fresh the air is, how much easier to breathe. It’s as if it’s never know pollution. I notice how Tessa glides swiftly and without effort ahead of me, so adapted to this lifestyle.
Suddenly Tessa stops and I hear the sound of rushing water. I round the corner and I see a gorgeous waterfall.

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