One iPhone to Rule Them All…

No one noticed when Apple Corp finally assumed control of our lives.

For years, Jobs and his cronies were flooding the market with pretty techno-trash. Who knew that the the functional and friendly style that was the Apple “look”, was actually created by a team of designers, artists and mind-control experts? Did anyone suspect that the Apple designers had taken their cues from the totalitarian look of the Nazis? Did anyone realize that those glass buttons, click-wheels and touch screens were all crafted to drain our individuality; to make us all a part of the Apple hive-mind?

Jobs’ greatest triumph was taking away our freewill by making us think we were actually choosing the “alternative”. That we were sticking it to “The Man” every time we downloaded a song from iTunes or powered up our ludicrously expensive Mac Books. We were all so, so stupid.

But when Apple created the iPhone, partnering with the most evil telecommunications company on Earth, our war for freedom was lost. Even before we knew it began…

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