Dark side of ambition

I wanted nothing but to give in to temptation..nothing else really mattered.

But I was too broken up by somone else to get out of my comfort zone to forget the past.

The worst part was…I didn’t even tell Anne what happend …

She just thought I was going through some problems at home and such..and I let her believe that, and Im scared that if I open up now, the memories will all rush through me.

And I didn’t want those memories to go through me would tear me apart..

I walked with Anne to Band..Jake was in that class too..well..this should be good..

I walked into the room and was welcomed by Jake, and some new kid as well.

“Hey! This is Craig,he’s new here” Jake said.

And at that moment..Craig’s eyes were locked with Anne’s

Anne seeemed to be enjoying it..just kept dazing on back in the beautiful boy’s eyes.

“Hey Jake..Craig..uh…should we leave you two alone?” I said the last part specifically to Anne to get back at her, but it was on me instead

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