Wanting Memories [Ficletary Tribute, 2]

They’d revealed their personalities through comments, through their own works, & some through IM conversations. Incidentally, we pretty much only knew each other, fellow writers, through words & words alone.

From the comments and critique of my fellows, I honed my skills, improving upon them. I tried to return the favor in my comments to others. In my meanderings, I discovered pure, great talent. I became curious, poking around & finding other gems of greatness.

In my quests of curiosity, I also tripped over some interesting subject matter. Because of my admittedly sheltered life, I doubt I wouldve been exposed to it otherwise.

While in my reverie, I come up to the Wall of Distinction, which has inscribed every writer to come through, some marked with the emblem of the League of Awesomeness. There was so many distinguished, with the Grand Awesome Marshall topping the list. But there was still so much more granite left. I sighed, depressed.

I couldn’t believe all of this was coming to an end.

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