The Ficlet Family Funeral

The funeral was small, only the family was there. La Pianista, THX , Band Baby, and I were gathered on one side. Beyond the grave stood NightMaiden, Elsha, Blusparrow, and Bartimaeus. The rest of the Ficlet family were scattered around the casket. “I wonder if he’ll come,” I ventured.

Then a Lincoln Town car parked on the virge of the lawn and he got out. We all watched him approach the gravesite. All dressed in black.

THX said, “Ever been in his house? He had our stories pinned up on all the walls.”

“I guess in his own way he loved us,” Bandbaby said.
La Pianista nodded his head. “He kept a scrapbook of all our stories, and rated them with stars.”

I looked across the grave to see Elsha and Blusparrow in tears. Bartimaeus was trying to consol them.

Then Kevin arrived at the gravesite. He plucked a rose from an arrangement and placed it on the casket, with that he turned and walked back to his car.

Old man Ficlets will be missed.

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