Farewell Challenge (Goodbye Ficlets...)

So, you all know that Ficlets will soon be coming to an extrememly untimely end… or death. Yes, death is the appropriate word, for ‘death’ is only a concept tagged to living things, and Ficlets is definitely alive with the love and passion of all the writers on here. You’re all exceptionally tallented writers; some of you are even authors or aspiring to be one!

So, as a sort of prelude to the end.. I hereby state a challenge. This will be my last challenge, though I haven’t posted many.
Here’s the deal: Tell you share of how ficlets has changed your life. Share with us your personal story of ficlets passion and love!

My own personal story is one I will remember for the rest of my life.
This past Summer, I was extremely depressed. Some of you may have noticed by the dark ficlets that I wrote… by chance, Band Baby sequeled one of my ficlets for a challenge, and we started talking. We wrote a series together, as most of you know, and we fell for one another… I haven’t been depressed since. =’)

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