Introducing Joe

“Yo,” Joe said, once they were within earshot of each other. Joe followed the pattern of this story in the fact that he wasn’t average. It’s true that his shaggy black hair and roundish face disguised him well enough, but if you were close enough you could see the mad-genius lurking behind his eyes. Will thought that Joe was just the right amount of crazy and brilliant that it worked.
“What did you think up this time?” Will asked in an exasperated tone, after seeing Joe’s grin, though his annoyance was feigned. He was always in the mood to enjoy one of Joe’s insane master plans. Who knew what he would think up this time?
“I know how to blow up the school.” Joe always had a very direct way of talking. No fuss, just say what you mean without any tone or emphasis at all. It tended to throw people off.
“Well, it’ll have to wait,” Will said sadly. “I have to do you-know-what after school today.”
Joe nodded. “Well, I suppose my plans could wait another day… but the plutonium is rather hard to come by again…”

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