...a star?

In all honesty, Will could never really tell when Joe was joking or not. He rarely did, which meant you had to be extra careful around him. “Well, see ya later.” And with that he started on his long walk home.
As he reached his door, he noticed something odd. It was bright red. That wasn’t the odd part, his door had always been red. The odd bit was the dark blue drawing of a star on it. Will stopped in his tracks and stared up at the star. When had that gotten there? He studied it closer. It was a crudely-made five pointed star, with paint dripping down at the corners. He reached out to touch it. The paint had dried, which means that it must have been painted a while back. Oh well. Will gave up on the mystery and went into his house. Munching away on some chips, Will turned on the TV and sat down on the couch. The channel was set to the news, as to why he didn’t know. He was going to change the channel when the picture made him freeze. It was a red door with a painted blue star on it. His door.

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