Keep Writing!

Many people are wondering what they are going to do after ficlets closes.How will they express their creativity and leave comments on other people’s stories?How will they connect with other writers?One thing is for sure:no site out there will be just like ficlets.However,there is one that I joined this year,and I thought it was pretty cool.It wasn’t as spectacular to me as ficlets is,but it has many possibilites and oppurtunities.The site is net name on that site is BlueberryScone87.)You may have already heard of it, and I strongely suggest that you guys look into it.True, there is no substitute for ficlets,but I believe that it is our duty to build from what we have gained from this wonderful site.We are meant to grow as writers, and that is just what we should do.I have written serveral tributes to ficlets already, and so have many others. One thing is clear. Even after ficlets closes, it’s stories, as well as it’s writers will never be forgotton. So let’s keep writing, no matter what!

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