Yes, I know, this is my third nomination.
But what can I say? There’s so much talent around here!
So, for my third nomination, I nominate OrangeOreos.

- Brilliant writer… Has an interesting view on things (Just check Ode to the Pineapple I Pondered Today; the title itself is intriguing)

- Enthusiastic commentor… Even just something as small as how much a standalone was enjoyed makes someone’s day.

- Great collaborater… (especially as far as our “Accursed Necklace” series is concerned) Never failed to surprise me (although, sometimes it’s really freaky how close some of the sequels are to my guesses…)

And, I’ve gotten to “know,” through the limits AIM has to offer, a smigen of the person behind Orange. Appreciative of a good dose of nonsense, but can also consider a seriously fine point. Maybe it’s the whole same-wavelength thing going on, too. I’m not quite sure.

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