Sitting in his class, I could tell he had such passion for what he did and what mattered to him. One just had to glance at the walls.

From the posters of various literary figures & works, it was clear to tell which were among his favorites.

From the band posters and various memoribilia, it was no question that he admired The Grateful Dead.

From the “Go Habs” banner in one corner and the hockey sticks in the other, it was obvious who his team was.

From the two calendars and various photos, it was certain that he loved cats. Siamese, specifically.

It was interesting to me, his mix of interests. The Grateful Dead, the Montreal Canadians, literature, & cats.

He was quick, there was no question. You had to be on your toes just so you didn’t miss anything. He was sarcastic, but he didn’t overdo the amount.

Through class discussions & after-school sessions, I could tell we were more-or-less on the same wavelength.

He’s a tough teacher, but I think I’m gonna like English this year, I though.

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