The Night Of My Life

We have been having sex for awhile, but of course it was protected. But I think, no.. I know I want to do this. “Mike! Common!” I called as he walked to the stairs. His parents weren’t home, and they would be gone till Tuesday. It was Friday. I tugged on his hand and pulled him to his bedroom. He was reluctant to follow. “Everything will be okay.” I said. “But…when you do get pregnant, how will we tell our parents?” he replied. “You worry too much Mikey, live for the moment! My Mom won’t care, she’ll be happy, shes always wanted a grand kid!” He laughed, as his parents might feel the same. We ran upstairs and it happened. The best night of my life….

(1 year later)

He left me….he said he couldn’t handle it anymore. I’m alone with this baby. My Mom loves little John, and she helps me with him. But it doesn’t help the tears I cry every night since he left. I wanted to let this baby die. But I promised myself, that he will grow up, and I will be the best mother this planets ever had….

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