The Sunset

No one could dream of a setting more beautiful than this. Not many people have crossed this land, nor set eyes on the very horizon I am seeing. Like in a dream or a trance I stare until my eyes water and the light is gone. Time passes without a second thought. No one could paint such a thing. The water, such a deep blue that it’s almost black and it reflects the light of the rising sun like a diamond, only better. The mystifying way that, even though the sun rises the same every day in the same spot, it always looks different. The colors change and the sky sometimes fills with clouds, while others it’s clear as glass. The mountains add to the beauty of this setting, helping us to realize what a beautiful and original planet this is. The sun is so bright it almost blinds you and yet, you can’t turn away. It has a cabalistic way of making time stop and you find yourself holding your breath. This is true beauty. It was created but its not man made.

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