Being Efficient

School. Two words, hate it. To me, school is the most boring thing. Teachers go on about dates that I didnt write down and lecture on some chapter I didn’t read. Notes? Who needs them and why bother? I know I would never bother to look at my notes so I save myself some time. I call it being efficient. Besides, I catch up on some sleep after watching reruns of adult swim all night. And reading? I dont have time to read. Im a busy person. At least that’s what I tell myself. I just like to look like I’m an efficient person so teachers wont take notice to me so much. You know how teachers do. They always call on the kid that looks the most confused. Or they ask the kids not making eye contact to read out loud. Psh, I dont need that. What I need is sleep. So I set out all the pencils I have (even colored pencils) and a nice thick notebook that’s turned open to a page with writing on it. I even taught myself to sleep sitting up. Talk about talent. And who cares that I failed school, at least Im well rested!

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