All That Chatter

Holly was wearing an elegant multi-colored grey and black gown that reached over her tanned legs. The neckline was deep and she just looked beautiful. Trey was wearing a black tux and every eye was on them as they entered the large ballroom.

The building was massive but mostly unnoticed except for this one night. It was set in the far corner of campus and anyone who asked about, well, they figured out all about it tonight.

The chatter began at first. People were whispering to their friends about this and that. But Holly knew who they were all talking about. She knew that most people were having various conversations about her and Trey. Still, it wasn’t really bothering her that much … at the moment.

Then, Bernard told everyone to go sit at their designated tables. He had something important to say. He needed to start the event off right.

Little did he know, it would be ruined.

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