Accursed Occurrences

“Holy cow

The office secretary pointed her gaze at the new aide and silenced him as the trio of escapees rushed by. He was a ten year old trainee, still uneducated in his pre-chosen profession.

“One does not question what goes on in the offices of the Secretist Party unless one wishes to be punished severely.”

The elderly secretary pushed her glasses up her nose with a sigh as she recited the passage from the employee guidebook. The Secretists held their word, and the punishments were severe.

The aide snapped his mouth shut, and gawked even more as the Premiere himself staggered past. He looked as if he had had a bit too much to drink, and he was having trouble supporting himself.

The occurrence was soon over, and the aide turned to the secretary, his mouth gaping.

She merely lifted her finger to her lips to silence his questioning glance and turned back to sorting files. As a secretary for the party of global domination, you got used to seeing stuff like that.

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