Accursed Disappearances


My voice, still coarse and probably slurred, rang through the corridors and offices of the Secretist office building. My tongue felt cottony and incredibly swollen. My legs also had suffered from the effects of the small amount of gas I had inhaled, and they felt like gelatin without a form.

The secretaries and janitors stared bleakly at me as I glared at their lazy behinds. Didn’t they understand who had just run by them? Those were prisoners! They were the last known remnants of the Resistance!

Finally, I reached the back door of the office, leading to Fifth Street. The glass emergency exit door was slowly closing on the old hydraulics.

I collapsed against the closing glass, using my body weight to open it since my arms felt like they were pinned to their sides.

I had to catch them!

But as I fell to the ground outside of the building, all that I could see was the bustling crowd on the sidewalk.

My prisoners had disappeared once again without a trace.

I had no choice but to follow.

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