The Watchguard- part 4

The girl began by sucking in a breath then releasing it in a loud huff. She then lifted her sleeve up to show me a raised scar that had two letters surrounded in a circle; the letters reading “go”. “Why the hell is go written on your arm?”
“Not written, burned onto my arm. And it goes something like this…ever heard of Auschwitz?”

I racked my brain for a few moments. The word sounded familiar…something from school? Then it finally got to me, “The one concentration camp during the Holocaust right? Wasn’t it the worst one?”

She nodded solemnly, “Now think of something ten times worse….and you got ‘Go’.”

“But wait what makes it so bad?”

“Because they let you barely survive at ‘Go’. At Aushwitz most were killed on the spot. It was like a mercy killing. Most that weren’t gassed shortly wished after that they were. ‘Go’ is much much worse.”

Then before I could react to this info the girl was gone in a heartbeat.

Why did she run around stealing stuff though?

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