Red light pledge(manwhore series)

And so the days dragged on, feeling so blue. And the memories tried to fade, but they kept coming back anyway.

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday , Saturday all passed by..Today was Sunday..Mall day…with Shane…Lark, Keiren….

oh ya..this should be fun…

I try to remember what I did this past week..and I couldn’t remember anything. I went back upstairs and did my homework, I hadn’t done anything.

Later, I started texting Lark, to see how she’s doing..

Hey…hows the other half?:) I texted..I refused to right in text language..

OH… other hlf is fne..wbu? She texted back..

Wait…she meant Aydan right….or…she meant Aydan..

He’s gone to live with his dad for a month..:( I told her. die if Kieren lft me…

so, any signs…whens the big day.. I carefully chose my words..I hated the work abortion…it sounds like your just killing an innocent child just because ….because you thought no one would want it…

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