Flying Away

I stretched my hands high above my head, taking in a deep breath of fresh ocean air.

The salt cleared my senses, and sharpened my mind.

I was ready to let go.

I looked up into the sky; the sun was only just beginning to rise. It cast its rays on the metallic water, glinting up at me like it knew some secret that it wasn’t willing to share.

I have my own secrets.

Yes, I did.

But, it was time for a new beginning.

I couldn’t let the burden of the past rest on my shoulders.

Too long had its black mouth whispered fears into my ears. Too long had I sat and pitied myself.

It was time to do something about it.

I watched the ocean lapping at the shore, and then let myself fall from the overhang.

I watched as the ocean’s surface came closer and closer.

When I was only a few meters away, I let my wings unfurl and catch the wind.

My muscles pulled painfully, but it was a good kind of pain.

I flew into the rays of the sun, away from the forbidding overhang.


And then I awoke.

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